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We aim to provide total wireless handheld solutions to corporate clients and consumers, over handheld devices based on the Palm OS.

We offer this benefit to consumers, both for corporate as well as for personal use. Our applications deliver customized solutions to users to enable them to communicate on the go by using a wireless handheld device running on the Palm OS. Our technology ensures the security and reliability of these solutions. We believe that by creating applications for consumers and corporate clients to communicate and manage data over wireless devices we can increase the efficiency of an organization.

We offer customized, industry specific, solutions to corporates. By studying a company's existing infrastructure and network and offering a solution, by which, to improve efficiency and reduce costs, at the same time offering the ease and versatility of the Palm OS, we develop solutions that offer employees 24hr wireless mobile access to any and every information, including access to servers, back-ends, databases, front-ends, websites, or networks, including intranets, extranets and the internet, that needs to be accessed by the employee, to provide for greater efficiency, faster updates, and unhindered mobility.

We also plan to have strategic tie-ups with international vendors of Palm OS products and accessories, such that these products and accessories may be available to users in India at a reasonable price and within a short delivery time.


Our solutions provide wireless access to any web site :

We can handheld enable your website such that it allows end users unhindered mobile access to your web data. This can also include forms, searchable databases, and other features as per your needs, to optimally display your website on any Palm OS based handheld device, allowing users on the move to access your entire website.  

We provide customized solutions for specific industries : 

From end-users to large corporate houses, we offer a total solution for mobile data management and deployment.

We seek to improve the efficiency, mobility, and level of customer satisfaction within any given industry.

Do get in touch with us at to learn how our solutions can benefit your organization.