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The Indian Palm User Group

Welcome to the Indian Palm User Group. If this is the first time you're visiting  this site, we suggest you start with the FAQ. It should give you a fair idea as to  what this site is about and where it's heading. This site is yet unfinished, and far from comprehensive. Yet, it is a start. We are looking to bring together all users of the Palm OS, specific - but not limited - to users in India. The purpose of the group is to offer a network through which to share information and resources.

The group intends to schedule informal meetings from time to time, at which to meet other Palm OS enthusiasts. You might start out being cool, calm and collected. But you'll end up being cool, Palm and connected. Every meeting provides members with the opportunity to discuss Palm OS hardware and software, ask questions, seek advice, learn tips and tricks, and view demos of products and accessories. For more details on scheduled meetings check out the Meetings Page.

The Indian Palm User Group consists of members of all types. Non users, new users, simple users, power users, and developers. and everybody in between. That means you DO NOT have to own a Palm or handheld device to be part of the group. If you share a common passion to learn about the Palm OS and handhelds that use the Palm OS, this would be the kind of place you're looking for. Yes, we also offer support for the Palm Windows Mobile Treo. There's coffee on the table, help yourself.

It is hoped that your passion is not passive. In this light, any inputs from you would be greatly appreciated. However, this is not a prerogative. Take your time to walk around this site... with stealth at first, if that's your style... but do let us know when you're ready to leave your PUG marks behind... we'll pursue the hunt. And, as most hunts end up, there's no catch - it's free. Join Us.

Your feedback is important to us. Feel free to write in with your questions, comments, suggestions, or criticism. or anything in between. Write Us.