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  • What is Palm ?

    Palm, Inc. is the name of a company. It makes handheld computers.
    Their handheld computers go by the same name. They have models such as the Palm Pilot, the Palm III, the Palm V, etc. They are not the only makers of handheld computers. However, they are the most popular.
    Visit them at palm.com

  • What's an OS ?

    OS is an acronym for Operating System. An Operating System is software, which, in lay person's terms, would be described as the brain of the computer.

  • What is the Palm OS ?

    The Palm Operating System is an OS developed by Palm, Inc. for use on their handheld computers. They also license their Palm OS for use on handheld devices manufactured by other companies.

  • What is a Palm User Group ?

    A User Group is essentially just that. A group of users. A Palm User Group is a group of users that are interested in learning about, and enhancing their knowledge level about, the Palm OS. Networking with other users through the group, you can develop a forum within which to reach the next level of your knowledge base about the handheld device, from a non user to a new user to a power user and on to a developer, helping those after you to do the same, and learning from those before you.

    Whatever type of user you may be, the group will have something to give you. Maybe tell you about a cool new software you would have never found out about. Or an accessory that you didn't even know existed. Or a shortcut. Or a security application that you always wanted, to keep those "show me that cool thing you got" types from viewing your personal data. Or show you how to switch channels on your TV using your Palm.

  • What is the point of the Indian Palm User Group ?

    The Indian Palm User group is a group with a focus on India. Getting together all users in the country and those that will, at some point in time, tour or visit the country, and would like ready information on their handheld, related to India. The group was initiated because of a lack of India specific software for the Palm platform. The Indian Palm User group plans to have a developer network that can cater to the needs of the Palm users in India. The group will also schedule meetings from time to time so that users within their city can meet and interact with each other, helping to enhance their Palm experience.

  • Why would I want to join the Indian Palm User Group ?  

    As a non user you might like to know what exactly Palm handheld computers can do for you. You might like information on the different options available to you and the price structure and availability of each product. Or you might just like to join us for some coffee. We will cater to you.

    As a new user we will show you how to use your Palm product to its full potential. We will take you through the various details of the software that you have installed on your Palm, and show you ways to improve your productivity. We will demo new software and accessories for your Palm product that might interest you.

    As a power user, you have found just the place. We will update you on all the tweaks and fine tunes, undocumented info, easter eggs, installation snapshots, hackmaster extensions, infra-red applications, networking, etc. If you have your own finds to add to the network we will be glad to hear from you.

    As a developer, we will work with you towards identifying the needs of the community and developing applications to cater to them. We will offer you the resources and the network to get together with like minded individuals, giving you a spring board to make that application you wish your Palm always had. We will showcase any software or hardware that you might develop. And you will have a ready audience in the Indian Palm User Group.

    If you feel you don't fit into any of these types, fret not. We welcome you. We have no criteria for members who would like to join.

  • Do I need to own a Palm handheld device to join the group ?

    No. You do not need to own any handheld device to join the Palm user group. Anyone can join. Bring your dog along to the meetings. As long as the other members don't mind too much. Or one of them decides to bring a cat. We have no hang-ups.

  • Am I eligible to join the Indian Palm User Group ?

    Yes, you are. no bar.

  • What will it cost me to join the group ?

    Membership is free. There are no charges to join the group.
    However, logging on to the net will still cost a bomb. Aren't we all waiting for a cheaper solution ?

  • Can my friend join the group along with me ?

    Yes, s/he can. That's if you have any. :). No offence meant.

  • Can I access the resources of the User Group without being a member ?

    You are free to browse the website as often as you like. However, you will not be able to avail of member benefits for the simple reason that we will be unable to reach you in any way.

  • Do I have to attend Palm User Group meetings ? Is there no other way I can access these resources ?

    We understand that some of you might have no time to attend one or all of our group meetings, or that our timings and venue might not suit you for certain reasons. There might also be no user group in your local area.

    You will miss out on live demos and one-to-one discussions with other users and stuff, but you will still receive email updates about the user group happenings and interesting software, hardware or accessories that we might come across, to cater to your usage needs.

    You will also be able to access the discussion groups on this website and post your questions or reply to others' queries.

  • Can I leave the User Group if I'm bored ?

    Yes. You can unsubscribe from The Indian Palm User Group anytime you wish. Just send an email to the webmaster with the subject "unsubscribe". You will receive no further updates from us. If, at a later date you manage to get a life, you can come back and join us.

  • Are there any cooler User Groups out there ?

    Next question. Thank you.

  • Err...I have a question...