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This page will keep track of the growing network of cities connected to the continually expanding Indian Palm User Group.

To check out the scheduled meetings for various cities, go to the Meetings page.

If your city is not listed, and you would like to co-ordinate the Palm User Group meetings in your city, be the first to add a city.

Even if your city is not listed, you will be able to avail of member benefits. Just fill up this form to Join Us.

We currently have Palm User Groups in the cities listed below. It is not necessary that you reside in a specific city to be a member of that user group, but it helps. You are free to join multiple user groups if your travel so demands.

All users will be members of The Indian Palm User Group.

The advantage of having a city based user group as well, will be that you can meet up on a regular basis with users in your local area.